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Hydrogen On Demand

Non-Mechanical Hydrogen Power Generation

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Hydrogen On Demand

Off-Grid self-sufficiency requires the use of advanced technologies to provide more effective power solutions for austere operating environments.

Hydrogen, the most plentiful element in the universe, can power fuel cells and provide clean energy to gensets, mobile electric vehicle chargers, micro grids, and Hybrid EV powertrains.

Hydrogen On Demand (HOD) by EnviroGen provides non-mechanical power generation with superior energy resilience, minimizing environmental impacts and promoting a carbon free future to power tomorrow today.

Clean H2 Power

Hydrogen On Demand power provides the new "Platinum" standard in the hydrogen color wheel.

No Rare Earths

EnviroCatalyst (eCat) fuel contains no gallium or other rare earths and is comprised of the top ten elements in North America

Inert Energy Production

Low pressure system operates at < 100 psi, mitigating volatility risk. Handling requires no PPE.

Zero Emissions and 100% Eco-Friendly

EnviroCat fuel is completely benign after use and free of harmful components. Can be recycled or disposed. 

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Unprecedented Technology for Clean Power

Non-mechanical system is low pressure system: < 100 psi. Process is also low voltage, helping mitigate volatility risk of mechanical H2 production

E-Catalyst (e-Cat) fuel can be formulated in plate, rod and pellets delivery formats and only needs the introduction of a soluble source such as water to provide truly inert energy production


100% Eco-Friendly and completely benign after use. e-Cat fuel can be easily recycled or disposed of because it contains no harmful elements


Comparable energy density to diesel fuel


e-Cat requires no PPE for handling 

Hydrogen On Demand 
+ eCell Battery

EnviroGen_Future Tech_HOD + eCell.png

When paired with a PEM fuel cell + eCell battery storage system, Hydrogen On Demand technology can provide primary or auxiliary power for a wide variety of applications including gensets, automotive, and other "off-grid" energy needs. 


  • EV Recharge – Range Extender

  • Personal-Worn Battery Recharging

  • Hybrid EV Powertrain Systems

  • Unmanned Aerial Systems

  • Generators & Light Towers

Hybrid EV Concept.jpg


Hybrid EV + HOD Fuel Cell vehicle powertrain concept could provide significant improvements in performance with zero emissions  

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