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Hydrogen On Demand

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Powering the Tactical Edge

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Hydrogen On Demand

Tactical self-sufficiency requires the use of advanced technologies to provide more effective power solutions for austere operating environments.

Hydrogen, the most plentiful element in the universe, has the potential to power fuel cells and provide energy to future Soldiers and their combat vehicles - manned or unmanned.

Hydrogen On Demand (HOD) by EnviroGen provides non-mechanical power generation to increase unit endurance, sustain combat power, and minimize environmental impacts through reduction of fossil fuel usage.

Stealth Power

Hydrogen On Demand power generation provides nearly silent operation with reduced acoustic signature.

Low Heat Signature

Reduced thermal signature compared to internal combustion engines and generators fueled by JP-8.

Inert Energy Production

Low pressure system operates at < 100 psi, mitigating volatility risk. Handling requires no PPE.

Zero Emissions and 100% Eco-Friendly

EnviroCat fuel is completely benign after use and free of harmful components. Can be recycled or disposed. 

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Unprecedented Technology to Power the Modern Warfighter

Contemporary military ground vehicles must continuously run their engines non-stop to power vital auxiliary systems like scopes, robots, radios and other equipment - even when the vehicle is not moving. 

Hydrogen On Demand enables these systems to be powered even with the engine off, allowing the vehicle to serve its critical battlefield functions on “silent watch.” This improved capability not only makes Army units harder for adversaries to find by lowering their thermal and acoustic signatures, these technologies also reduce fuel consumption and lower unit GHG emissions. 

ATeMM with Hydrogen On Demand Auxiliary Power


The All-Terrain Electric Mission Module (ATeMM) is a connected and synchronized auto-controlled electric powered platform that can be equipped with an HOD APU in lieu of a JP-8 generator.


  • EV Recharge – Range Extender

  • Soldier-Worn Battery Recharge Station

  • OTM Power for Communications

  • Extended Silent Watch Operations

  • UAS/Counter UAS

  • Reduced Thermal & Acoustic Signature


HOD offers clean, benign hydrogen power for varied applications. From individual soldier power to vehicle battery charging and propulsion, the EnviroGen team stands ready to help meet your unique mission needs by "Keeping the Fight Unfair" 

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