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Enviro Coatings = Superior Chemistry

Enviro Coating is a superior additive plating process patented in the United States by its founder and renowned plating specialist, Debbie Maguire. By incorporating boron, tungsten and graphene, it  provides unsurpassed coating properties in high friction wear areas. Enviro Coating is also an extremely hard coating and is an excellent replacement to hexavalent hard chrome plating without the negative environmental impact. Applications for its use are diverse with a focus on products which operate in harsh conditions. Enviro Coating can reduce maintenance costs by extending life cycles of these and other products traditionally coated with hard chrome with superior lubricity, heat dissipation, and conductivity. 


Replacing Hard Chrome with Superior Chemistry

EnviroCoatings_Slide 1.png
EnviroCoatings_Slide 2.png
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