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Powering the World's Edge

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Innovative Technology

Innovative technologies are often born of crisis. Climate Change has spurred futurists and technologists to action -  accelerating the development of the "Next Big Thing" that will help world governments meet their missions through 2022 and beyond.


Self-sufficiency requires the use of advanced technologies to provide more effective solutions for challenged operating environments.

At Envirogen, we believe that the future of clean energy and sustainability begins with a passionate team whose vision provides the strength to drive transformative technologies that serve mission and purpose while improving performance.

Hydrogen On Demand

Benign non-mechanical clean hydrogen power generation using patented eCatalyst material + water 

Enviro Coatings

Provides unsurpassed coatings properties in high friction wear areas with greater lubricity & less heat 

Battery Technologies

Carbon nanotube solid state batteries with greater energy density than Li-Ion

Mobile EV Charging

"Level 3" mobile fast charge solutions for EV fleets in off-grid locations using clean power generation sources

Hybrid Gensets

Reducing fossil fuel usage by nearly 50% to lower operation cost and carbon usage to improve ESG score

Unprecedented Technology to Power the World's needs on the "Edge" of our Electric Grids

Economic growth and growing populations are changing customers’ demand for power. Governments and industry are moving towards renewable energy sources to improve energy resilience. At the same time, advancements in sustainable technologies have already transformed many industries and are pushing the capacities of our traditional electrical grid systems. In remote locations, microgrids and hybrid power systems meet the growing demand for more flexible, sustainable and cost-effective solutions.  

EnviroGen offers a wide variety of power solutions, each individually designed to meet the specific needs of our clients operating in austere environments.

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Are You Ready to Meet Your Future Energy Needs?

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EnviroGen has a comprehensive portfolio of solutions  that focuses on improving off-grid energy reliability and resilience, helping organizations and communities move towards a more sustainable clean energy future

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